About Us

HXK Technologies, Inc. has been delivering innovative magnetic table soccer games (magnetic football or magnetic foosball) and multi-functional scoreboards worldwide since we opened in 2017. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value of our products for our customers.

This Duplay Game Online Store is the official website of HXK Technologies, Inc., a leading-edge technology company based in Chicago, USA, in the industry of board/table game toys & sporting goods. The store is also the global sales center of our Duplay game products.

The global presence of Duplay products includes product R&D and sales centers in the US and China. Customers in China can visit www.yunsong-duile.com. Customers in the US and other countries can shop in this Duplay Game Online Store, or shop in our Amazon store at www.amazon.com (search “Duplay” in the category of “Sports & Outdoors”).