Duplay Magnetic Table Soccer Game (Magnetic Football Foosball, Extra Large Size, Including Toy Bag, free shipping)


The Magnetic Table Soccer Game offers 4 sizes (XL, L, M, S) to choose. It is new-generation foosball, offering 3 functions:

  1. a joyful and stress-relief motion board game toy suitable for families, schools, offices, and entertainment resorts; easy to play, flexible, great fun with face-to-face interactions;
  2. a dynamic sports product well simulating soccer matches, allowing users to sharpen skills;
  3. an exercise device for fast response and continuous arm movement.

Board games can be classified into 4 categories: (1) chesses and card games having luck/randomness; (2) billiard, foosball (table soccer), stick/bubble table hockey, and air hockey, with slow and discontinuous paces; (3) video games without face-to-face communication; (4) fast-paced continuous dynamic dexterity table games.

Duplay starts the 4th one and is revolutionary in game technology. The assembled toy is light and can be carried in a toy bag during travel. It is much lighter than traditional foosball tables.

The manufacturer provides one-year limited warranty for Duplay products. Damage caused by misuse is not covered by warranty. All spare parts are available in sales.

This product is shipped by UPS from Illinois, US to US customers. If you have international shipping issues when placing order or have questions, contact customer support (Email: HXKtechnologies@outlook.com; SKYPE: HXKtechnologies; Phone: US (+1) 847-902-1007, China (+86) 15974931027).

Unless there is a quality issue, returned products cannot be fully refunded due to shipping or open-box damages or loss. Items must be returned in the original manufacturer’s packaging with all original packing materials and accessories within 15 days of purchase. Premium Gift Packaging is provided free of charge to protect the color packaging box.



Extra Large (XL): packaging size 1025×660×71 mm, packaging weight 5.43 kg; assembled size 980×618×228 mm, assembled weight 2.98 kg. The board of the Extra Large model is very wide and long, suitable for more choices of playing tactics and good for 2~4 people to play. Toy bag is included.

The Duplay Magnetic Table Soccer Game is a dynamic dexterity motion board game built upon the following three key innovative precision technologies.

(1) First key technology – Precise magnetic force control for player motions: Unlike traditional foosball games, the Duplay does not have any drawbars that hold and move players/figures/dolls. The advanced magnetic mechanism allows the game extremely flexible and can well simulate real soccer games, e.g., wonderful dribbling and flying banana shots.

(2) Second key technology – Ball and player/figure designs: The lighter foam ball is less wind-resistant but offers excellent bouncing and flying, suitable for indoor games. The heavier wood ball is wind-resistant and can roll more slowly, more suitable for outdoor games. Duplay’s player base design prevents magnetic attraction between players. Players can promptly stand up by themselves via magnetic attraction after falling down, once the magnet is placed underneath the board under the player.

(3) Third key technology – Precise board structure and fixing feet: The Duplay has a neat fine wooden structure with ease of assembly and operation. The game board has a special complex multi-layer structure to minimize bending. The board is hand-crafted in cutting, painting, drilling, and polishing. The board is supported by precisely machined solid wood pillars. Goals and corner flags are surrounded by a tightened cloth fence around the board. Fixing feet can be used for official matches.

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