Two Duplay Multi-function Mini Scoreboards (Extra Large Size, free shipping)


The list price is for two scoreboards including shipping. This product is shipped by USPS or UPS from IL, USA. Free shipping in the US. The default color is red in two digits and blue in two digits. If red or blue in all four digits is desired, the buyer can inform customer support by email. The manufacturer provides one-year limited warranty for Duplay products. Damage caused by misuse is not covered by warranty. All spare parts are available in sales. Unless there is a quality issue, returned products cannot be fully refunded due to shipping or open-box damages or loss. Items must be returned in the original manufacturer’s packaging with all original packing materials and accessories within 15 days of purchase.

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Extra Large (XL) size: length 164 mm (6.46”), width 74 mm (2.91”), height 93 mm (3.66”); 100 g. Unique multi-functional portable flip compact scoreboard with red and blue numbers. Triangular housing, four digits display. Assembled twelve cards in each digit, including 0-9 numerals, a blank card and/or text card(s). Total 48 filmed waterproof cards. Two filmed blank cards for erasable hand writing.

Score range 0000~9999. Expandable by connecting several scoreboards together to have more digits of display. Innovative and pioneer design of artistic scoreboard with series of pictures on the back of score cards. High-quality thick and hard cardboard. Durable, stable housing, lightweight and wind resistant.

Multi-functions suitable for any indoor and outdoor sports and games, math training, calendar, countdown timer for preparing exams, and counter card as body weight recorder/watcher.

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