Duplay Math Card Game and Digital Mahjong (8 digits, maximum 4 players, red & blue, without Timers, free shipping)


One set of Duplay Math Card game consists of eight scoreboards, one set of dice, and a User’s Manual, for 2~4 people to play. It is easy to play. The players roll a die in turns. Use the die number to swap the number on any card or add on any card to form target series sets. Other rules are the same as traditional Mahjong. It has two sizes: Extra Large (XL) and Medium (M).

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The Duplay Math Card (DMC) game is not just digital mahjong. It offers different and much more enhanced joyful functions. It uses a base structure of portable compact four-digit flip-card small scoreboard, which is expandable to 8, 12, and 16 digits, and a corresponding set of open (exposed) card game rules.

Use the die number to swap the number on any card or add on any card to form target series sets. Other rules are the same as traditional Mahjong. The players roll a die in turns and apply exchange and math operations by flipping cards according to the die number until a winner claims winning by first matching his/her cards to a pre-determined winning criterion.

It can provide excellent training in math and analytical capabilities, and also offers great interactive fun and entertainment pleasure for families and workplaces. Its game play is not restricted by any board or equipment, location, number of players, or sitting positions of players. The cards can be placed on a table, or can be simply held by a hand, with or without using a card rack.

DMC can be played at home, in offices and restaurants, and in cars, trains or airplanes, etc. Its ease of use and flexible functions make it more attractive than many other board games. DMC is designed as a new open card game with luck, which is skillful, digital, simple to play, exposed, and random, combining the merits of previous games. It is skillful due to math operations such as addition and multiplication. It is digital due to using cards only containing worldwide universal numerals, thus eliminating the difficulty of translating foreign characters of mahjong.



The Duplay Math Card (DMC) game is an innovative smart board game which has the following five key features:

  1. math calculation (training analytical capability and robust engineering to beat randomness);
  2. pure digital game (only containing worldwide universally known numerals on cards by removing special characters or symbols);
  3. flexible number of digits (providing different levels of difficulty ranging from a simple four-digit game to the well-known mahjong rule’s 16 digits);
  4. ringed exposed cards (offering a compact card structure);
  5. rolling a die (generating randomness for challenges).

The DMC game challenges individuals or teams at all ages to use the minimum amount of time to quickly convert a set of chaotic cards to a set of orderly cards with intelligent math operations in the dark of uncertainty by utilizing whatever is given in the nature of randomness. Its game competition can be extremely intensive and fascinating under time constraints. The DMC game is a truly revolutionary unique fun card game between poker and chess. Moreover, the DMC game is built upon the strengths of Chinese mahjong’ rules, but it digitizes mahjong by eliminating characters and symbols, and adds/involves math operations.

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